Management and Business Projects


A clear objective is to ensure through the Comprehensive Plan Mantenance of Building complete management of buildings or the company has offices scattered in different geographical areas.

Guarantee the life of buildings with general maintenance services and exploiting the synergies that are deployed, managed jointly services are called "common elements .

These are what the community needs but does not disrupt their core business such as cleaning, security, landscaping, sanitation, waste management, reception or any other value added.

Managing a "consultant" or an external "auditor" to the knowledge of the facilities and the capacity to take measures tailored to the client and their real needs and not as standard .

Capacity and resolution of building a data system using a program CMMS, to adopt measures ensuring 100% compliance with the maintenance plan and services common elements



Auditors Service
Media Consultors
Outsourcing Business

Auditors Service

-Implant management projects.
-Outplant SSGG outsourcing.
-Outplant quality control.
-Adequacy of means and resources to new needs.
-Contract Compliance and mid-term results.
-Machining of current services.


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Media Consultors

-Manager external services.
-Warranties implementation services.
-Monitoring and auditing of suppliers.
-Tenders management and optimization services general.
-Current SSGG.
-Resources and current needs.
-Cost optimization.
-Location establishing new SSGG


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Outsorcing Business

-Non-corporate outsourced processes in offices and buildings.

-Location of external suppliers and direct recruitment by the client.


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